The VA NWTF has come to represent the leader in upland conservation, and we have our volunteers and members to thank for this status.


However we don’t have the luxury to rest on our laurels, as we are totally involved now with Save the Habitat, Save the Hunt. How ironic that forty years ago our mission focused on saving and re-establishing viable populations of wild turkeys, and now we are working to create new hunters and hold on to the ones who currently exist.  While  saving and enhancing  habitat is critical, creating more hunters is absolutely essential.

As NWTF members, sponsors and volunteers we all have a role to play.  Taking young people hunting, mentoring new adult hunters, inviting a friend to go hunting who may have not been an active hunter recently.

Most importantly we need to let others know what we and the VA NWTF stand for.  We are people who pray before meetings and meals, we pledge allegiance to our flag at every gathering, and we are willing to share our passion for God’s creation and natures many wonders. We hunt wild turkeys and do not apologize for occasionally killing one, as most hunts end with no shots fired. We hunt because our hearts beat fast when an old gobbler answers our call, and we want others to share that feeling.

This is our legacy! The NWTF started in Virginia in 1973, and all of us and our partners have played a part in bringing the wild turkey back from the brink of extinction. Now let’s work together to make certain wild turkey hunters don’t fade into history.

If there is an NWTF chapter near you, join it. Attend a hunting heritage banquet, go to an outreach event. I assure you there is a place in this legacy for everyone, so pull up a chair, find your place at the table. You will be welcomed.

Richard Pauley

President - Virginia State Chapter NWTF