Please refer to the following documents when completing a Super Fund form for submission to the State Chapter.

Super Fund Policy Manual

Virginia Chapter IDs and Cooperator Codes

Virginia Super Fund Form


How to File a Super Fund Request

Superfund Requests for Outreach Events (JAKES, WITO, and Wheelin’ Sportsmen) cannot be submitted unless the event has been registered using Your NWTF.

All SuperFund Requests must be submitted using the Adobe PDF fillable SuperFund Request Form.

Forms can be found at under the “Chapter Resources” tab.

The following items must be filled out:

  • Date Check Needed

  • Amount of Request

  • Check payable to/Check Mailed to*

All monies are now electronically deposited into chapter accounts; no check will actually be mailed.  Please ensure that the NWTF has the Electronic Funds Transfer form completed by your chapter treasurer/president, updated upon elections of new officers.

  • Address of treasurer or president

  • Phone and Email address

  • County involved (county in which the event will take place)

  • County Code (see appendix for county codes)

  • Chapter involved (name of your chapter and other participating chapters)

  • Chapter I.D. # (see appendix for chapter I.D. #)

  • Regional Director

Event description – Here you will check the box next to the type of event you will be having.  For habitat projects, please consult with the NWTF Regional Biologist for information about the project.  The majority of habitat projects are submitted by the NWTF Regional Biologist.

Cooperators – enter the name of the Agency/Club/Organization that will be participating or sponsoring the event.  If the cooperator is providing funding, enter the amount of funding under the “Amount” column.

Brief Description of Project – write a sentence or two about the event you are conducting.

Project Originator, Phone, and Email – enter the name of the Point of Contact for the event or in most cases, the chapter President.

Submitting the SuperFund form.  Save a copy of the form, give it a unique name, such as (Augusta JAKES 2018), and email form to

Your form will be signed and submitted by the SuperFund Chairman, sent to the Regional Biologist (if a habitat or miscellaneous request).  All Outreach Requests (JAKES, WS, WITO, Scholarship, Turkey Hunters Care), will be sent by the SuperFund Chairman directly to the NWTF SuperFund Request processing employee.  The request will be approved by the NWTF and monies will be direct deposited into the Chapter Checking Account.  An email from an NWTF financial employee will be sent to the Chapter President and Treasurer notifying you that the money has been deposited.  If a habitat project is sponsored by a Chapter, the money will be deposited into the Chapter Account, it is then the responsibility of the Chapter to pay the Agency, Business, or Contractor performing the work.